Giveaway: Speedy & Splash Children's Book

My two love to read and our shelves are absolutely crammed full with books, both upstairs and downstairs. Most nights we read a story and I often walk into both their bedrooms once they're asleep to find them face down in a pile of books. 

Our favourite type of books are the large paperbacks that are full of colour and pictures and also have an intriguing story to them that my two can follow. If they're either too long or too short, they tend to lose interest and start messing. 

With that in mind I have teamed up with the writer of Speedy and Splash Have A Race, a new brightly-filled book about two raindrops who love to race but have lots of obstacles to overcome in their latest endeavour. I have five copies of this lovely book to giveaway, so if you'd like to win then follow the Gleam below.

Speedy & Splash Books


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