Review: Go Jetters Jet Pad Playset

Watching the TV is a popular activity in our house - with myself and Mr Huge films fan it was always going to be the case, and whilst it's not the only activity, it does feature a lot. So when I came across a children's show I hadn't watched I was surprised, as I've seen a lot. The children don't miss a thing though, and when we were sent the new Go Jetters toy to try out they already knew the characters names.

Your Youtube #87

Hello, I'm back! After a shocking couple of weeks, I finally managed to open my Mac and get your videos watching! Thank you so much to my co-host Sian for folding own the fort in the meantime, and hopefully I can catch up with all your great videos! This week's video of the week is from Kirsty at My Two Mums who filmed her time at the Mum and Dad Blog Awards that took place recently - I love all the GoPro footage, it definitely makes me want my own even more!

Getting Kids Into Golf?

Something a lot of people don't know about me is as a young person I was quit a keen golfer. My dad had always played and signed myself and my sister up for lessons and I just really enjoyed it. I used to go to the driving range every weekend and often played on the course, although didn't have the strength to hit it far enough most of the time! As an adult I've played once or twice, although without practice I've lost a lot of the skill so end up frustrated. However my dad still enjoys the sport as does Mr H, when he gets the chance.

We were invited to an event in Leeds with Online Golf and I thought it would be interesting to take the children along and have a go themselves. They've had one of those plastic sets of clubs, which inevitably ends up with the balls been whacked over the fence and the clubs turned on each other, but that's as far as their experience of the game has gone.

The event was at the Hilton in Leeds and there were three areas set up for the children to have a go - crazy golf, pitching and knocking down some skittles. The children were split into teams and there was a little competition to which team could score the most points.

My two weren't really interested in the competition, they just wanted to have a go at it all. In particular they seemed to enjoy the crazy golf and it was fun to watch them holding real golf clubs and getting a feel for how 'proper' golfers do it. The people from Online Golf were great at helping the kids, showing them the right way to hold the club and how to swing. Of course, mummy couldn't help but interfere along the way, ever the competitor!

The children had great fun and getting them to play golf at such a young age isn't really something I'd considered before, but realised that it is an option. Being non-contact it's a lot safer than other sports, plus it gets them outside in the fresh air and playing with friends as a group.  A big thanks to Online Golf for a great day out and giving us the chance to try something new!

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Party With Puppy In My Pocket

There's a new toy on the block and already Holly is a huge fan - Puppy In My Pocket. My two do love a good blind bag and with the popularity of YouTube videos featuring hundreds of these being opened in one sitting, they are always on the lookout for them when we go shopping. That's how we first came across these little puppies and now the sets are expanding.

On Wednesday 28th September we are taking part in the Puppy In My Pocket party on twitter where we will be playing games, making cakes and trying out a couple of the new playsets. Make sure you follow myself and UKMumsTV on Twitter and join us at 1pm using the hashtag #PuppyInMyPocket for the chance to win some great prizes.

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Starting School: Two Weeks In (Take Two)

A year ago I wrote this post about Holly 's first two weeks of school. Of course I knew at the time I would eventually be experiencing the same moment with my youngest, but what I didn't realise was how fast that would arrive. And here we are.

Review: Paw Patrol Weebles

Over the years Jack has fluctuated between TV shows, generally going through a few months of obsession which gradually gives way to the next on the list. His most recent one has been Paw Patrol and we have almost all the figures (just missing Sky!) and lots of the playsets. That is until the latest one was released - the Weebles set.

Planning A Loft Conversion

At the start of the year Mr H and I made a big decision about our home, and that is that we wanted to extend. For us it was a matter of moving house or adding more space to our current home and once we'd talked to an estate agent we decided we just couldn't justify moving at this time. Plus we love our home and although the bedrooms aren't very big and we don't have a huge amount of space downstairs, it is the first home since being together for thirteen years that we've actually felt settled and happy in.

So we made the big decision to extend our mortgage and add a whole new floor to our house. We already knew it had great potential, as the loft space was huge and we had a double height staircase meaning there was enough room for a new one up to the next floor. It took us a while to find the right builder we felt totally happy with, but once we did it was all go.

So, of course, I envisioned it all in my head - where the furniture would go, what colours we would have, the style of the room - and utilised Pinterest and various home decor stores such as Esprit, to collate all my ideas. Now we are a few months down the line and the bedroom is pretty much finished, so I thought I would start the big reveal with the initial ideas I had.

Review: My Name Label

This time last year I was waving my eldest off for her first day of school, and now here I am doing the same thing to my boy. It's strange how fast these times come around, so fast in fact that I didn't feel at all prepared! I left buying the uniform to only the week before and the shoes the day before he started! One thing I was all set for, though, was the labelling as the lovely people at My Name Label had sent me one of their Starter Packs to try.

Me & Mine August 16

Here we are, the summer is gone and we are ready for heading back to school and get into our usual routine. This time it's my boy's first day at school and everytime I think about it I get little butterflies in my tummy. It just doesn't seem time, and yet it so is.

August has been lovely to us and I honestly can't believe how fast this summer has flown. The children and I wrote a list of all the things we've done over the last few weeks and I was surprised how much we'd crammed in. We visited London with my mum and sister, the childrens' first time in the capital and they were overawed by it all. Mummy and daddy had a mini break all to ourselves, celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary, and then the children went to Wales with daddy for a couple of days to give me a bit of peace and quiet. There's been lots of firsts - first train, bus and boat, first blackberry picking, first time at golf, first time flying a kite, first summer holidays.



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