This Just In...Breaking Travel News

Stop Press! We have a special news broadcast coming to Hollybobbs news from two junior reporters! If you are looking to travel this summer then put everything down and press play!

My Advice To Help You Enrich Your Everyday Life

Do you ever feel like getting off the grid? Closing up shop, packing everything up and just getting away from life? I know I do. I have recently been following the travels of a friend on Instagram who for three months has taken her children out of school and travelled the world with her family. They've lived in Barbados, travelled various places in America and are currently on a plantation in Mississippi, and it looks an incredible experience for her and her family. Just watching her travels has made me seriously think about doing something similar. I love our home, our friends and the lives we had, but I do often think about how many other places there are in the world for us to see and experience.

enrich your everyday life

My Photo of the Week

It's a bit grainy and blurry but it sums up my weekend spent in bed, with these two making me smile.

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They Don't Want To Know

I'm tired today.

I'm struggling today.

I've spent today in bed.

Today is a bad day.

I'm lonely.

I'm fed up.

I don't know what to do.

All words I've uttered over the last forty eight hours. All words greeted with silence, musings of 'I know', or pearls of wisdom.

They want to help. They want to be there. They want to hear it.

Yet they don't.

My Photo Of The Week

I've decided to share my favourite photo of the week on my blog, for something I can look back on and also to make sure I'm sharing something of our family more regularly.

I just love this photo of Holly - we had a photoshoot over the weekend and had all donned matching checked shirts (of course). She'd borrowed Jack's hat and just looks so flipping cool in it. She gets more and more grown up every day, this little lady of mine.
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