Easter Gift Ideas For Mum

Easter is a fun time of year for all the family, and mums should definitely not be forgotten! Whilst the children running around hunting for their eggs and stuffing down chocolate, don't forget the mum in your life. Here's a few ideas for some lovely little gifts for mums at Easter that won't break the bank.

What mum doesn't love stationary, and there are so many stationary supplier choices out there? This Peter Rabbit Notebook is the sweetest gift and perfect for Easter. Plus it's lockable and £9!

Flooring and your family – what’s best?

Isn’t it great having the budget and the green light to change up a room in your house? There’s so much to think about: the colour scheme, wallpaper or paint? Are you changing the floors, or updating your window dressings? It’s exciting to think of a room like a blank canvas – and you’re the artist, ready to unleash your creativity!

Most people have an idea of the colours they want and the wallpaper or paint they’re going for, but did you know that a lot of home re-designs, miss out another important factor? That’s right! The floor! It can be difficult to know where to begin, particularly if you have a busy household – well, here you’ll get the lowdown on the different types of flooring for your family home and their pros and cons! Let’s get started! Remember, if you’re looking for a reputable flooring company, check out discountflooringdepot.co.uk!



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