Review: Thomas Sabo At James Moore Jewellers

I have been a Thomas Sabo for many years, since they brought out their charm bracelets. I have several charms now that mean a lot - from our time in America, to both kids birthdays - and everytime I wear it I look at the all and remember the meaning behind each one.

How I Was Diagnosed With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is now nearly six years since I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After thinking initially recovery would be a couple of years, I can't believe I am now so far down the road. Today I thought I'd share my diagnosis progress as CFS can be a difficult illness to diagnosis due to there being no specific test for it.

I have always been a tired person - my mum would have to drag me out of bed most mornings through my teenage years and in my working life I would often have to go to sleep in my car on my dinner break to make it through the day. I've been known to get home from work at six, go to bed until nine and then go for a night out. I always knew I needed more sleep than most but never saw it as anything to be concerned about.

In my early twenties

Summer Holidays 2018

I cannot believe as I write this, this year's school holidays are almost at an end. Usually by this time I am absolutely run ragged with all the activities I've tried to fit in with the children and absolutely desperate for them to return to school and our normal routine. I cannot say I'm eager for them to stay at home but I think for the most part this year's break has gone slightly smoother.


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