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This weekend I attended the Manchester blogging conference, Blog On. After originally thinking I wouldn't attend this one, I decided I couldn't miss out on the social aspect it brings me twice a year, and I'm so glad I did. I have been blogging nearly eight years now and in that time have attended many a blogging event and conference. Eventually they all fade into a blur of faces, brands and sessions you don't really remember, however there is just something different about Blog On.

The cake
Photo credit: Steph

This is the fifth year Laura has run this conference and she now has a fantastic team behind her and after putting on eleven conferences she now knows what works and what doesn't. The combination of speakers who have an abundance of knowledge and passion, to brands who recognise the value of bloggers but are also keen to get to know the people behind the blog, to an extensive mix of bloggers that somehow creates a warm and positive atmosphere, all means you are walking into something pretty special.

Laura opening the day

The event is now held at Hotel Football and even though it is set out over a few floors, it still flows surprisingly well. From the brand den downstairs - which is a huge room overflowing with brands, PR's, toys and activity - to the light and bright Heaven where you will mostly find budding photographers testing out their flatlay and portrait skills surrounded by supportive and inspiring experts. You could even fill your day just chatting without going to any sessions, if that's your bag, as there are so many friendly and open people you are guaranteed to make new friends and leave incredibly motivated.

This year I chose to do a mix of sessions and socialising. I attended Emily Leary's admin session, which had tons of information and I came out of wondering how the heck Emily does it all! I was also very eager to hear Alex from What Alex Did speak, as his videos are absolutely stunning and I was keen to hear from the man behind it all. Finally I went to Becky and Penny's creative session on writing a book (read more about their book here) and even though I don't feel the time is right for that personally, it was inspiring to hear Penny and Becky's story and how their book came about.

Photo credit: Steph

Alex's session

Penny & Becky

In between sessions I spoke to so many different bloggers, many of whom I had met before and others who I had been speaking to online for years and never actually seen face to face. There is something about being in a room full of people who just get what you do, where you can all sit on your phones and not be judged and who you can chat about social media and be understand. I also really enjoyed taking in the twinkly and energetic brand den and left there slightly dizzy, especially watching certain bloggers trying to outdo each other on the Ultra Dash game on display.

I was sorted in Hufflepuff


As always, though, the day went too fast and I walked out feeling like I'd still not talked to everyone enough. I think one of the difficulties of being a blogger is the working alone aspect, and if nothing else these conferences provide an opportunity to actually have interaction that is of both the adult and human variety.

If you are looking for a blog conference that is informative, but also one that is not overwhelming or exclusive then Blog On is definitely one to try. Everyone is welcoming and friendly and if you are new to the community you will leave inspired and having met plenty of new friends. Tickets for May's conference are already on sale so do visit their website for lots more information.


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