Review: Comfortable Footwear for Travelling With Hotter Shoes

We've all done it before - bought beautiful new shoes for our holiday only to wear them once and our feet be ripped to pieces. Hard plastic, rough leather, painful heels - you name it, I've been there. However thanks to Hotter Shoes' Tourist sandals, this Summer my feet were given a reprieve from the pain. Read on to find out why!

The Advantages of Driving With Correct Tyres

If you are a car owner, you will be familiar with the importance of having correct tyres. It is very dangerous to continue to drive with tyres that are either in poor condition or do not match your vehicle’s needs. Bad tyres are a driving hazard and they can cause your vehicle to lose its grip on the road. Your car can lose its control on the road and you can be exposed to the risk of an accident. If you want to be confident while driving, you have to make sure that your tyres are in optimum position and can give you the desired level of performance.

Effective consumption of fuel 

Cars always tend to consume more fuel when tyres are worn out. Bad tyres make it difficult for the car mechanisms to work properly and the result is more usage of fuel. This will make you spend more money on fuel. Best approach will be to invest in good tyres so you save money in the long run.

Better traction 

The problem with old tyres is, they lose their tread and road grip. When tyres are new, they have better surface area and create a better traction pattern.

Comfortable drive with right tyres 

The whole driving experience transforms when your tyres are correct. Brakes work better and there is less noise while driving. If your old tyres need replacement, you can check with tyre experts. Taking long road trips is fun but bad tyres can have bad implications even when you are driving inter-city, for example in the Scotland area or in sub areas like Dundee, Aberdeenshire or Edinburgh. For selecting brand new tyres in Dundee look no further and get them today from Fife Autocentre's site

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Teach Children Great Money Habits With Pigzbe

Teaching children about the value of money is something I've always been conscious of and Mr H and and I have discussed the importance of them learning from a young age that money has to be earned. Not only does this teach them good spending habits but also the value of hard work.

8 Family Activities In Porthmadog Wales

We have been holidaying in the Gwynedd area of north Wales for many years now, as my in-laws have a van at the Greenacres Haven site in Porthmadog. It is a great part of Wales for families and because of our regular trips, we have visited many places in the area, so I thought I would share our favourite things to do as a family in the town of Porthmadog.

family activities in porthmadog

Planning A Tween Bedroom

Around six months ago Mr H decided, on the spur of the moment, to move Holly from one of the smaller bedrooms in our house to what was the main bedroom until we completed our loft conversion. In one fell swoop he created several weeks of chaos, which resulted in a massive coup for Holly as she has a huge room complete with en-suite. Of course this now means that both rooms need redecorating, a task that is often put off in our house as Mr H absolutely hates any form of DIY.

However it's been quite a while since the big move and every time I go in Holly's room all I can see is holes in the walls, mismatched colour schemes and remnants of when it was our bedroom and then the spare bedroom, all mixed in with an eight year old's bits and pieces. It's definitely time to get it sorted.

With that in mind I have put together, along with Holly's input, some ideas for decor and furniture that she would need for her new bedroom.


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