Top Tips on How You Can Combat the Winter Blues

Although they undoubtedly have their positives, the Autumn and Winter months can act as a catalyst for sadness for a lot of people – and it’s scientifically proven that this is an actual health condition. It’s no wonder really. We go from warm weather, long days and an abundance in vitamin D, to dark mornings, darker nights, cold air and the sun hiding for months at a time. This time of year can begin to feel like a slog for a lot of people, because they can see the dark nights, feel the chill of the air, and know it’s only going to creep up infinitely quicker day by day for the next six months or so. If this sounds like you, then here are some top tips on how you can combat the infamous “Winter blues” and stay positive this season.

Review: Snow Park at Chill Factore

In May of this year the popular Snow Park at Chill Factore where children and adults alike can dive down on a toboggan or slide in rings down an icy slope, had a re-launch and we were invited along to give it a try. We visited over the summer holidays, which was definitely a novelty going from heat into the snow, but it was actually a great activity for an August rainy day.


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