Review: SpyX Micro Gear Set + Giveaway

We have recently been sent the SpyX Micro Gear Set by to try out and Jack was more than excited when he discovered this package was for him. He actually had a friend visiting at the time so the two of them got together to explore all the features of this fun set.

The set includes four micro tools - a Micro spy light, an Invisible ink pen, a Micro Motion Alarm  and a Micro listener. There is also a utility belt included so you can attached all the pieces together and be the ultimate spy!

The first thing the boys tried was the micro listener. This comes with an ear piece so you can stretch the speaker out in front of you and pick up conversations that are being had a distance away. It would have been nice if this had a longer wire though as you can't stretch it very far, but it was a fun addition to the set.

Next they picked up the invisible ink pen, which they had a great time with. This piece actually has a few components as it not only has the pen part, but you can unscrew it and inside is a hidden scroll of paper. Once you've written your secret note, your partner can then use the light on the pen to decipher the code.

The spy light comes with an ear attachment, ideal for secret spies to keep their hands free whilst investigating darkened rooms. It is also a warm orange glow rather than the usual piercing laser light, so a lot safer for children to play with.

Finally the motion alarm, which was the favourite piece of the set. This has two functions - vibration and motion sensors. To use it in vibration mode, simply set it down on something you want to guard, for example a book, and it someone moves it the alarm goes off. For the motion sensor, you can set it in a place you don't want someone to go in, and the alarm will sound if someone crosses its path. The children had lots of fun with this and in fact I keep finding it in various places around the house, giving me a surprise as it goes off followed by lots of giggles!

The SpyX Micro Gear Set retails for £19.99 which I think is a reasonable price for what you get inside. It is for aged six years old and up and my little boy is seven years old and really enjoyed it. One thing to note is the motion alarm doesn't come with batteries so you will need 2 AAA's to hand to be able to use it. Overall a really fun toy that your wannabe spies will really enjoy.

You can win your own SpyX Micro Gear Set too! Simply follow the details below.

SpyX Micro Gear Set

*We received this toy FOC however all opinions are my own.


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