Disclosure Policy


I am happy to review products if I think it is something relevant to to me or my family and I feel it would be something my readers would be interested in.   They are written and usually involve a brand or PR company sending a product for me or a member of my family to use in exchange for a review.  The review will be honest, including any aspect of the product I don’t like, will include relevant links to the brand’s website or an online retailer, as well as a thorough review of the product with my own photographs or ones that have been supplied. I also like to review things I have bought myself and loved.


Occasionally I am asked to host content that has been written and provided by a brand or PR company, and paid for this content.   I reserve the right to change the wording slightly but, these posts are not something I have written, but that I am publishing in exchange for a cash payment.  It may say it is in “collaboration with” or “in partnership with”  but it will be clear that this not written by me and has been paid for.

Sponsored posts:
These are posts that I have been paid to write and publish on my blog.  I will endeavour to only do this with content I believe is suitable for this blog. These posts are not reviews, I have not been sent a product, however they may talk about a product, a company or services, often with a link to their website. Again this post may say “featured” or “in collaboration”,  ”sponsored” or “in partnership with”.  For this post I will have been paid money or given vouchers in exchange for the post and have not been given a product.
If you work for a brand or PR company and feel my blog may suit your project, please do get in touch.


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